Super Stock Rules


The word STOCK used within this set of rules means as originally produced by the manufacturer for that make/model/year of car with no altering or modifications. Stock replacement parts ok. Must be same dimensions, weight, and/or volume as OEM part. Determination of whether an aftermarket part is legal will be the tech inspectors decision.

No mixing of parts, must be Chevy on Chevy, Ford on Ford, Dodge on Dodge unless otherwise noted.

A. Any American made steel top/steel body automobile manufactured 1970 or newer.
B. Minimum wheelbase of 108”, must be same on both sides, ½” tolerance.
C. NO convertibles, special ordered, trucks or 4 wheel drive vehicles.
D. Cars will be allowed at the discretion of the Tech Official.
E.  Engine and Car must match.

A. Stock body dimensions only. No modifications or alterations of any kind.
B. Must be steel 22 gauge minimum. Front fenders may be fabricated but must be stock dimensions. Must have stock roof. Hood may be aluminum or fiberglass.
C. Stock floor pan and firewall must remain in original location up to roll cage main hoop. May be fabricated from main hoop to trunk with minimum 22 guage steel only. All holes must be sealed with 22 gauge steel only. Rot and damage repair o.k.
D. Body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times. Doors must be secured properly. 1 inch square tubing may be used for rub rails but bolts cannot protrude outward.
E. Hood, roof, doors and trunk may be gutted. Hood may be aluminum, steel or fiberglass. Must be stock appearing. All other panels must be steel.
F. Rear spoiler 6” x 60” maximum and may not extend beyond body.
G. All glass must be removed. Windshield must be made from 1/8” lexan. Must be full windshield.
H. Bumpers: Stock bumper or fabricated bumper. Must be securely attached. If fabricated, must use steel round tubing only, have rounded ends and must be covered with bumper cover.
I. 1985-86 SS Monte Carlo nose allowed only.
J. Nose and Skirting must be minimum 6? from ground.
K. May use 5 Star 1985-1986 Monte Carlo body and roof

A. Must remain stock and have a complete frame except full size Dodge and Ford.
B. Ride height must be a minimum of 6”.  No pulling up on car in tech line.
C. No Xing of underside of Chassis.
D. ALL pick up points and cross members must remain stock and in stock location.

A. Any stock mounted steel, non-adjustable shock allowed. Cannot be modified. Must remain in stock location.
B. Any stock diameter springs allowed. Cannot be modified and must remain in stock location. . Spring buckets optional, may use adjustable spacers.
C. Ball joints: Stock only. Non adjustable. Must mount in stock location. No truck or extended lower ball joints. Stock OEM dimensions for chassis used.
D. Stock A-frames and mounting hardware. Bushings must be rubber or poly. Perches must not be moved, modified or altered. 1.5º+ max camber on left front wheel. Tubular upper A-Frame on Right side (Non-Adjustable) Permitted.
E. Stock center link, tie rods, pitman arm and idler arm. May not be altered.
F. Sway bar must be stock and mounted in stock location above the lower control arms. Stock mounting hardware only. May use threaded rod. No heim joints.
G. Wedge bolts allowed in rear only.
H. Trailing arms must remain stock. Bracing allowed. No modifications. Bushings must be rubber or poly only. No Mono or steel bushings. Must be stock length.



Solid motor mounts ok. Stock cast iron production blocks only. Chevrolet 350; Dodge 360; Ford 351 maximum. Four bolt main engines o.k. Most forward spark plug must be even or ahead of top ball joint.

A. Maximum .060 overbore.
B. Crankshaft: Stock unmodified crank, stock stroke for block used. Balancing ok. Cast Crankshaft – 50 lbs minimum. Steel Crankshafts – 51 lbs minimum.
C. Stock balancer or stock replacement.
D. Rods: Stock or stock replacement cast I beam only. Size and length must be stock.
E. Pistons: Stock 4 eyebrow only, 3 ring. Valve reliefs must be symmetrical.
F. Lifters: Standard bore, stock size hydraulic only.
G. Camshaft: Hydraulic .500 lift max
H. Timing Chain: Stock. Aftermarket double row chain o.k.
I. Heads: Stock automotive open chamber heads only. Stock cast iron 72 cc minimum. Chevy may use World Product SR I052. Stock gaskets. No Bowtie. No Vortec.
J. Rocker Arms: Stock, Chevy 1.5 Ford 1.6 Dodge 1.6 Long slot rocker arms o.k.
K. Screw in studs ok. Stock stud diameter (3/8”) Polylocks o.k. No stud girdles.
L. Valve springs: Stock diameter with stock retainers. No double springs. Dampner o.k.
M. Valves: Intake 1.94, exhaust 1.50. Stock replacement stainless steel ok. No undercut stems.
N. Intake: Stock automotive cast iron. 2 barrel or 4 barrel ok Stock gaskets. Option: May use Edelbrock Performer 2101 intake.
O. Distributor: Stock HEI or points fired or stock replacement HEI.
P. Air Filter: 14” diameter. Debris shield can cover 50% of air breather front. No cold air boxes.
Q. Pulleys: Optional.
R. Power steering pump: Optional. Must be attached to front of motor.
S. Fuel Pump: Stock mechanical only. Aftermarket o.k. No electric pumps. High volume fuel pump o.k.
T. Exhaust: Stock cast iron or stock replacement cast iron manifolds only with a maximum 2” outlet. Maximum diameter 2 ½” round pipe only and one pipe per side. No “X” pipes or two into one. Under car headers optional .
U. Radiator: May be over sized. Any radiator ok. Aluminum is permitted. Radiator must have a catch can mounted in front of engine firewall.
V. Water Pump: Stock. Aluminum o.k.
W. GM 602 Crate Engine optional. GM 602 will be teched 100% by the GM Tech Manual.
Must run Super Stock legal Holley 4412 carburetor. Any 1? unaltered adapter. Must have straight vertical holes. No modifications. No Wilson adapters allowed.

A. Must have stock automatic or manual transmission with all gears working. 4 speed max.
B. Clutch & Flywheel – Clutch and pressure plate must be stock OEM steel. No Modifications of any kind allowed. Minimum diameter for the clutch and pressure plate is 10.4”. Any steel flywheel for make and model of car may be used, must have come with a 10.4” or larger clutch and pressure plate. Minimum weights will be, flywheel 20 lbs. Pressure plate must be steel and clutch disc must have springs. Ford must be OEM steel. Minimum diameter 10.0”. Clutch must have springs.
C. Stock Diameter working torque converter. Must run stock diameter steel flex plate.
D. Driveshaft: Stock OEM steel only, including length. Must be painted white.

A. Stock, maximum 3 series gears. Must be locked.
B. Mini spools ok. Steel only.
C. Wheel studs must be minimum 1/2? diameter.
D. No clutch type differential.

A. 8” steel racing wheels with any offset.
B. NO wheel spacers allowed.
C. Track approved 8” tire.
D. No bleeders.

A. Minimum 3200 lbs. 55.0% maximum left side. NO tolerance.
B. See Car Safety Rules pertaining to added weight.

A. Must be securely mounted in marine covered metal box or covered battery box.
B. 12 volt system only.

A. All four brakes must be in working order and not restricted in any way.
B. Stock OEM brakes for the year/make/model of car. Single piston steel calipers only.
C. Steel braided hoses O.K.
D. No adjustments in driver compartment.

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