Sportsman Rules

2014 Sportsman Rules

Any 1970 or newer American made car with a minimum wheelbase of 105”. Weight 3,000 lbs with original driver. No tolerance! 56%
maximum left side weight. No station wagons or convertibles allowed.
1. Any fiberglass, aluminum, or original production body allowed. No wagons convertibles or front wheel drive.
2. 3 front hood pins, 2 rear hood pins mandatory maximum 1” lift from between base and retainer pin.
3. You must have 2 pins or hinges at front of the deck lid and 2 pins in rear of deck lid.
4. Nose piece mandatory.
5. Minimum 4” ground clearance, frame & body.
6. Ballast added OK but must be attached with one 1/2” bolt per 50 lbs. Ballast must be painted white and have your car # on it.
7. Must have full Lexan windshield with 4” white numbers and “S” on top right corner of Lexan.
8. Driver’s compartment must be sealed from engine compartment and trunk area. Absolutely no holes! Driver must be enclosed
with a minimum of 22-gauge steel. This will be checked before your car will be allowed to race!
9. No carbon fiber body panels.
10. 6” spoiler maximum. No wider than rear deck. 6” Forward Max.
11. Mirrors and radios allowed.
Chassis and Suspension:
1. Stock Spindles only
2. Modification of steering components OK.
3. Racing springs allowed.
4. No coil over’s. Any steel shock OK. No adjustable.
5. Shock mounting points optional.
6. Tubular upper “A” frames OK.
a. Stock lower A frames. Both lower A frames must be same.
7. Sway bars, lowering blocks, shackles, sliders, and steel bushing optional. No splined sway bars.
8. Wedge bolts OK front and rear. May not be adjustable from driver’s seat.
9. May run tubular rear clip.
10. May run third link suspension.
11. Under slung chassis OK.
12. Steering gear box and idler arm must be in stock location. No Rack &Pinion.
13. Aftermarket center link okay.

1. Engines may be interchanged.
(2. 400 cu. In. maximum – Citrus Only)
3. Engine location: #1 spark plughole even with or in front of ball joint no tolerance!
4. Maximum over-bore is .060 and must be stock stroke +/- .010.
5. Engine plates allowed.
6. May run 602 crate engine with Holley 650 CFM 80541-1450 4 barrel @ 3,000 lbs. Spacer plate rule apply.
7. Crate engine may replace timing chain with any chain. No advancing or retarding of camshaft.

1. No high performance heads. World Product S.R. #4360 or #4361, DART #10024360 or #10021070, and RHS #12400 or #12407
heads are the only approved aftermarket heads. All other aftermarket heads must be approved by tech before use. Open
chambered heads only. Closed chamber heads add 100 lbs. 350 must run 350 heads. (Minimum 70 CC.) Any head produced by
manufacturer less than 70 cc’s must add 100 lbs. regardless of actual cc’s. Vortec heads allowed.
a. World Product #4361 and RHS #12407 must add 100 lbs.
b. Any aftermarket head with the casting #’s milled off will have to add 100 lbs. and/or subject to inspection and removal. If it doesn’t come with a casting #, send it back.
c. No porting. No polishing. No coated surfaces. No grinding of anything if it’s not said to be allowed.
d. Screw in studs okay.
e. Guide plates okay. (1.94/1.5 Chevy, 2.03/1.65 dodge and ford.)
f. Three (3) angle valve job okay. Final cut no more than 80° and no deeper than ½ “.
Heads: (continued)
2. Stainless stock diameter valves okay, + .010″ head diameters over stock allowed – 010″ stem diameter allowed.
a. No titanium, no ceramic, no exotic metals, neck down valves ok. .028 less than stem maximum.
3. Any valve spring.
4. Roller rockers okay. Long slot rocker okay
5. Poly locks okay. Bronze valve guides okay.
6. Shims under springs, rocker arms, shafts and fulcrums okay.
7. Lash caps okay.
8. Valve train – stud girders OK.
Push rods:
1. OEM diameter.
1.Any solid or hydraulic flat tappet, .525 maximum lift. NO ROLLERS
2. Degreeing of camshaft okay.
1. Any 3 ring flat top .060 over.
2. Fly cutting for clearance allowed.
3. No excess lightning other than to balance.
4. No custom made pistons.
5. Stock style wrist pins.
6. Total seal rings OK.
7. Pistons must be flush or below the deck of the block.
1. Any steel stock length for motor, after market bolts OK.
2. OK to balance.
3. Rods may be floated.
4. May use 5.7 in 400 Chevy. – (Citrus Only)
5. Polishing of beam OK.
1. Cast crank 48lb minimum. Steel crank 50 lbs. minimum. No knife edge cranks. No polishing. Balancing on bottom of counter
weight only. May grind on bottom of counter weight for balancing purposes only. No changing of counter weight profile.
2. Stroke plus or minus .010 allowance.
3. After market harmonic balancer OK.
1. Decking OK.
2. No Polishing.
3. Painting of oil galley OK.
4. Screens, oil galley plugs, lifter valley tray OK.
5. No Bowtie or SVO blocks.
6. No Aluminum Blocks.
Oil pan:
1. Optional, wet sump only.
2. Windage tray OK.
3. Oil pump, no external units or Banes dry sump in pan style.
4. Remote oil filter OK.
Water pumps:
1. Any water pump.
Fuel Pumps:
1. No electric or belt driven. Any mechanical pump.

1. OEM automatic with operational converter.
2. OEM manual with two forward gears and one reverse.
3. No 5 or 6 speed transmissions.
4. Steel drive shafts only, must be painted white and have car # on it.
Rear End:
1. Floaters allowed.
2. Interchanging of rear ends allowed.
3. No coil over springs allowed.
4. Shock mounting points optional.
5. Sliders OK.
6. 3 link allowed.
7. No cambered rears.
8. Quick change allowed. No reverse mount. Must be steel tubes and be full spooled. No lockers of any type in a quick change. No
magnesium housing. No wide fives. No birdcage or floating brakes.
1. Any 10” minimum diameter steel. Single Disc.
Fly Wheel:
1. 14 lbs. steel flywheel minimum.
1. Any cast or aluminum intake w/4 ½” plenum height. No Bowties.
2. No porting or polishing.
3. May run Edellbrock #2901 with single 1/16” gasket.
4. Max spacer 1.625” with gaskets.
1. Holley 4412 must pass track gauges.
2. Choke plate may be removed.
3. OK to enlarge (drill) holes in carburetor butterfly.
1. Any battery fired ignition. No multi spark (MSD etc.) Any HEI OEM style distributor. MSD Dist. #8365.
2. Starter, Self-starting electrical.
3. Battery must be enclosed in a marine type case.
4. Maximum 12V system.
5. No external coil. (HEI)
1. Exhaust pipe must have 3 ½ ” primary pipes. May collect and exit car at larger (any) diameter pipe.
2. Headers Optional
1. No fuel additives. No nitrous oxide.
2. Maximum of 22 gallon fuel cell mandatory. Fuel Cell must be in 22 gauge steel.
3. Must have a vent and a back flow preventative valve.
1. Maximum 8” wide steel only.
2. Minimum 7/16” studs with 1” lug nuts on all four (4) wheels.
1. Approved track tire only. Durometer – To Be Determined.
1. Any 4 brakes that must be in working order at ALL

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